torsdag 6 januari 2011

Twelfth Night Titan Mayhem

Finally I have had the time to spend some days (whole days) on my titans. Firstly I have cleaned and washed the Reaver. It has been on my conscience for some time that I should get around to it. It is after all a project of building a titan battle group of three titans, not just a pair of scout titans. Well now it is cleaned up so that I can start matching the green stuff work on it.

Then I have finally started with the painting of the exterior on Unbearable Desire. I began with the legs as I don't plan to do any green stuff mods on these. They are painted in the same dark geen/brown colour that I used on the interior. The green is drybrushed over a green base coat that has been inked with brown, red, and black (in different areas). After the first layer of drybrushing, three shades of green, it was inked brown again. After this it was once again dry brushed with the three greens. Then I used the water that I clean the brush in to water the model. Once dry it was another turn of dry brushing and some more watering. Hopefully this will give the model a smooth look but where the details are seen. Once the base color of the legs and hips are done I will start on the details such as pistons, skulls, and border work. I will see how many extra features I can paint on them without it looking crowded.

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