onsdag 5 januari 2011

More Desert Eagles

A squad leader from my Desert Eagles army. I try to find more dynamic hero poses for my models in this army, epecially for comanding personel. It might not be too realistic but i like this guy advancing, fiering his bolter at one target while casually shooting someone sneaking up on him from behind with his bolt pistol. /M

This dreadnought was built in the beginning of my Desert Eagles project, even before I knew that it would be an army. The inspiration came from a White Dwarf article about custombuilt vehicles with rules for using them in battle. I had always been a bit annoyed that you couldnot have your choice of heavy weapon on each arm if you did not go for the close combat weapon option (which by the way are available in pairs). So I equipped this dread with two arms with gatlingmounted autocannons. /M

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