lördag 8 januari 2011

Faith & Fire

Today, as we went downtown to get some new paint brushes and some new paint (Marcus' collection which was bought several years ago has been in desperate need of a refill!) we also came home with some books... To the left is Faith & Fire by James Swallow, which I have wanted to read for some time now. Sisters of Battle is of course dear to my heart and since I love high quality 40k literature, this book is simply essential in my book collection. And since I enjoyed Swallow's contributions to the Horus Heresy series I'm sure Faith & Fire will also be good!

Speaking about the Horus Heresy... The newest book in the series, Prospero Burns by the great Dan Abnett, we've bought but not yet read! So Faith & Fire will have to wait until I'm up to date in the Horus Heresy. I'll probably find the time to write short reviews of them both afterwards! =)

Today's second addition to our book collection is Titanicus, also by Dan Abnett, which I more or less forced onto dear Marcus. Yeah, of course he has to finish Ravenor first (which I absolutely loved!)... But now that he's working so hard on his titans he can't NOT read Titanicus, right?

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