torsdag 27 januari 2011

It stands!

 After being away for a few weeks it's time to show you all what has been done to the titans lately. Both legs of Unbearable Desire have been painted and assembled in their walking position. It was quite a scare to glue them together! I had glued the legs in their position and the hip, leaving only two joints unglued and held together by blue tack. This was done so that I could paint the parts separately before assembly. However, when I applied glue to the last joints and tried to get them to fit together I could not make the joints flush at the same time as all the toes where in contact with the surface. This was due to the fact the the blue tack that I used when gluing the other parts used more space than the final glue and hence the parts did not fit properly. Since the walking pose puts a lot of strain on the legs I did not want the feet to be in contact at just one point. After about an hour of fiddling back and forth I finally managed to get them into a position where the feet were flat on the ground and there were only very small gaps in the hip joints. I will have to fill the gaps with more glue or green stuff at some point, but it's holding and standing so it's not critical right now. However, it has to be done before the upper body gets attached. I have also worked some more on the shin guard, adding the border and Chaos icons. I also tried the idea of having a red paint scheme (Khorne type) starting to grow out from the Chaos icon, taking over the original paint scheme, though I'm not sure if it comes across right or if it just looks like something else. We'll see if I want to enlarge the areas so that it becomes more of a painted surface but I don't want to make it too cluttered; I don't want the armor to look like a colorful camo paint. Sine all of the armor plates are either loose or magnetized I can hold back on painting them until I know what I want. 

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