fredag 4 februari 2011

Reaver legs and War hound plasma

So, now I am almost at the same stage with the Reaver as I am with the Warhounds. The legs have been constructed, pinned and magnetized. The leg assembly can still be broken down for painting. The only things remaining are the toes and gluing the hip joints to the pelvis. This time I use super glue to attach the hip joints to the legs when dry fitting the stance, I have learned from the Warhound not to use blue tack for this... Hopefully they will break away easily once the joints are glued into the hip. Then it is only to start painting the inner leg structure. =)  I will hold off with the armor platings so that I can green stuff them in the same way as with the Warhound armor.

I could not stay away from Unbearable Desire so I started to paint the Plasma Blaster.It is not finished so I will put more pictures here later when it is done. At the moment only the green plates are painted and the inside of the barrels.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Always neat to see the creation of a titan. Do you mind me asking what parts of his legs you're magnetizing? I wonder what parts would behoove you to be able to remove...

  2. I am magnetizing the leg armor, it is not strictly necessary. I cant have them mounted while I paint the inside of the leg (the pistons and such. I could just have glued them on afterwards but then you could not see the inside. I did the same on the war hounds. If I ever where to play with them I could use them to represent structure points, I think that the war hound has two and the reaver four, but I am not sure. I dont have the rules for them since it is mostly a painting project.

  3. Good idea. Thanks for replying.