tisdag 29 juli 2014

Opus Update; broad side

Just a short update on the progress of the Opus Magna. To get the sides of the hull ready for plaster and detailing I need to add the weapon sponsons for the broad sides. In total there will be 18 mounts, 10 for the main lance batteries and 8 for close defence. The lace batteries consists of 10 quad linked "plasma lances" counts as lascannons or something similar. The other 8 points carries hurricane bolter arrays, in total there are 96 bolters, the equivalent of an entire marine company. Appart from this there are also 12 heavy bolters mounted in the hull itself.

This is only the weapons mounted in the hull below the flight deck, there will be more guns in the tower and around the battlements.

Now I just need to drill out the barrels of some 84 bolters...

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  1. Mega. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    Get drilling !