lördag 26 juli 2014

Marine Talon prototype done

 So, I finished the prototype. For the real versions I will make some changes in how I build this type of pattern for the Strom Talon and in the colour scheme. I am not really sure about the placement of the wings but with the weapon pods painted in a distinctly different colour than the fuselage the wings pop a bit more then other wise. From a aerodynamic point of view they will not give much lift but then again, the empire does not care about such minor things as aerodynamics when it comes to designing aircraft. I will also make some adjustments to the tail plane so that the hinges are on the top side where they can be seen. I am also thinking about shortening the engines as the are a bit over dimensioned in this build. It would have been nice to have some larger folding wings but I think this will do. It is more of a close support aircraft like an attack helicopter any way, and I will use the Nephilim fighter as a more conventional large wing air supremacy fighter. As it is the Opus can hold 6 to 10 of these air crafts in the hold. The larger aircraft will have to be stacked on the deck unless I can make them fold up enough to fit in to the elevators. Forge World also has some nice fighters but I am not sure about the size and weight of these. They might also be more difficult to adapt to a "Marine" version. In the end I might just stick to plastics as it much easier to work with. Well now it is only the pilot that is not done but I think I will wait a bit with that. I will probably also have to do a Nephilim prototype at some point just to see how large it is compare to the Marine Talon and the Opus. Well, now I just need to make some progress with the Opus build itself so I have some place to put the fliers.

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