onsdag 9 juli 2014

Fallen Dark Angel with Lighting Claws

Last night it was to warm to sleep which meant that I had to start a new model which I finished this night. Now I realise that it can actually be to warm to paint (I have heard it but not believed), not that it is too hard to keep concentration up with over 30 deg in the room, but my finger are so moist that I am actually tearing the paint of the model when handling it! Well some touch ups and some strategic weathering covered up most of it.

This is Fallen Dark Angel with Lighting Claws will be part of a full five man squad once I have enough boxes of Death wing terminators as there are only one set of claws in each box. As I am also building my Desert Eagles guard of the one in each box parts I guess this lightning claws squad will be done when they are. At least I can build two unique squads and use the rest of the models as either Desert Eagles or Fallen Dark Angels.

Below is a group pic with the Terminators from the Dark Vengeance box.

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