tisdag 8 juli 2014

Desert Scorpion, done.

I finally managed to squeeze some painting time in between the rest of my things to do. The Desert Scorpion, as I have decided to call it, is a direct fire, tank hunter, mounted on a six legs self propelled chassis. This model has no real equivalent in the game so I guess that is will just sit in the cabinet as all of my other models =). When I started this project back in I done remember, it was meant to be part of my mechanicum force. It did however not go well together with the rest of my home made kit-bashes design wise, so it was reassigned to my Desert Eagles. Well it has been several years in the making but now it is done. I still have two more defiler based walker to finish, that I started at about the same time. We will see when they get done (my wife insists that I really should make an effort to finish them before starting new projects).

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