fredag 29 juli 2011

Update, Scitarii

A short update. I have painted another three Scitarii and I am starting to get the hang of the assembly process and the painting. Now I is just a matter of buying and building enough of the guys before GW changes the Necron models. Al in all I thing they look suitably wild and non uniform for one to forget their origin. I also include a picture of my AD-mech "army "so far (except Titans and Knights). Now it will be back to the titans, finishing of the insides of the last Warhound. I might also make another Defiler conversion, Mordian 7th has a nice Myrmidon that I might like to imitate or it might be another Knight, but with close combat weapons this time. We will see.

I just got a question about what the original models look like so I show I picture of the necron warriors from the Games-Workshop website (© Games Workshop Limited 2000-2011)

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