fredag 22 juli 2011

Back to 40k-work again...

I am back, again. I have had another project, non 40k related that has a deadline this weekend that needed to be done and the only way to get it done in time was to pack all the 40k stuff away. Hide the paints and brushes, and occupy the work space with other stuff. But now it is all done and my hobby table is once again filled with titans, robots, scitarii and other stuff. The first thing i did after my seclusion was to finish of the robot prototype. I had some sugestions to change to leg armour and it might have been best to do so, but this prototype should be build with out of the box parts and a minimum of green stuff so I will save any major modifications for the next one.
Then I also put some scitarii together, I tried to experiment a bit with using guitar strings to make cabling to the weapon as well as modifying the cuts of the parts to improve some things I was not happy with. I also cleaned up the engineseer and the iron brother and got them all spray pained and ready for painting. This was a few days ago and I have not had so much time to paint so I will just give you some pictures of where I am and I will have to get back when I have some more to show.

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