lördag 30 juli 2011

Chapter 1: The Secret Meeting (silly, very silly)

We just played our first game in a year or so... And it was silly. Very silly, indeed. It was over before I even got to make my first move...*sigh*

There had been rumors of a secret meeting. Reports had come of a scitarii squad leaving town and heading for the ruined temple city of Gomar. What the scitarii could possibly have planned at such a site was beyond the imagination of Marlie Rour, Veteran Sister Superior, but she sure knew not to question orders. However, as the the orders came from Canoness Wilmix to rush towards Gomar in order to simply "observe" what was really going on there, Marlie felt slightly irritated. They had just returned from a brutal training session at Malova Jungle, stretching over two weeks and leaving her entire squad exhausted. Of course, Marlie would never admit to such weakness, and accepted the mission without question.

The entire objective felt strange. Sending the Adepta Sororitas to spy on the internal affairs of the Mechanicum? 

At the last minute orders came to bring along Priestess Annah and a Penitent Engine for extra backup, which just confirmed that though the initial command to "observe", violence was undoubtedly a possibility. And, as Annah mentioned in a hushed voice, there were supposedly two deathcult assassins already at the site. 

As they were closing in on the temple city of Gomor, Priestess Annah extended her mighty axe to the sky and prayed in silence as the Penitent engine thrashed ahead across the thick vegetation. The Adepta sororitas spread out, vigilant as ever.

Closing in on the ruins, the sky seamed to come crashing down on them. First, two sisters at the very front were torn apart, and before anyone had time to react there was a second, devastating blast.

The other sisters were completely shocked at the sudden and violent turn of events, seeing their superior torn apart in an instance together with the pious priestess and the handful of sisters surrounding them.  It all went too fast, blood and body parts scattered across the bush and all they could see was a huge figure stepping out of the ruins. 

Instinct told the sisters to raise their weapons and fire, yet the absurdity of the situation stayed their hands. It was a Mechanicum Knight! Why would the Mechanicum fire at them, without so much as a warning? Why?! The penitent engine shrieked and raged ahead, mindless of the gravity of the event, as the surviving battle sisters took cover, trying to make sense of everything. 

Then they saw. There were not only Mechanicum fighters hiding in the ruins of Gomar. 

"Fall back!" cried a battle sister, her voice breaking up. "Fall back, we have to inform the Canoness of this treachery!"

A voice, shrill and commanding, penetrated the communications network.
"Leave immediately, get the news back to headquarters. We will delay the enemy, but hurry!"

At the same moment, a deathcult assassin appeared from the shadows and went to attack. The target, a squad of grim looking renegades in tarnished power armors, emissaries of chaos, didn't even flinch. It all went too fast, and the assassin fell to the ground before she even got to strike a blow. 

From the other side of the ruin, the second assassin attempted to reach the scitarii. Two quick shots from afar stopped her right in her tracks, killing her instantly.

The penitent engine crashed into the Knight and for a brief moment there was an expression of bliss on the poor penitent's face. The ground shook as the great Knight fell, destroyed. The penitent shrieked in pain and pleasure, her mechanical extensions torn apart, leaving her immobilized. Seconds later a giant chainsaw ripped her open from behind, ending the sinner's miserable existence for good... 


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