tisdag 26 juli 2011

Reactor room, Wolfish Perversion

I have had a few days now of painting and things are moving along. I have finally finished the reactor room of Wolfish Perversion. It has taken me some time to get around to this. I think it is all the organic growths that has been putting me of from painting the insides, I clearly remember it from painting Unbreakable Desire, and it was new and fresh then but got a bit stale at the end which sadly has not changed much with time. Now I only have the front and weapons servitors left before I can assemble the upper body of Wolfish Perversion. It will be nice to start cleaning up the figure cabinets from random titan parts and assemble them.The paint scheme is similar to the of the previous warhound since they are supposed to be brother and so. On the out side there will however be some changes as the green stuff is different and Wolfish Perversion is the leader of the pack, which will be represented in the paint scheme. This is it for now...

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