måndag 25 juli 2011

Robot and Adept

After some inspired speed painting I now have my first Robot prototype base painted together with its controlling Adept. And I am currently working on the Adepts side kick in the form of a servitor and might post pics of it later. I think the jury is still out on the robot. I thought the bluetacked mock-up locked better with the launchers closer together but now that I look at the pictures it is not so bad. The problem is the alignment of the exhausts that interfere with the back of the main body. From Behind it is logical to place them as I did, as well as from the sides as there is a suitable cut out in the launches/jumppacks to fit nicely over the shoulder. However from the front I think they look like they are about to fall of. I will have to give it some thought and make a new attempt later on. But I think I managed to hide most of the Tau look as it is not to intrusive. Well it was a nice short project that could be assembled more or less straight out of the box so I might make more of these guys later. The Idea is that an Adept might control up to three robots by himself and by bring the servitor along he might have another three or the servitor can be removed instead of the adept in case he is killed preventing the robots form going into emergency protocols or something similar. I am not currently planing this as a playable army, so I will build and paint models in line with what I believe a mechanicum army should be like. There are a number of fan-dexes out there with the ad-mech armies. I have looked at some but I am not following anyone in particular. My basic line is that the mechanicum will not send a man to do a machines work and as such I will try to minimize the fleshy parts of the army at this stage. Later I might ad some guard/praetorian guards to fill out the lines, but we will see about that. Now I will finish of the servitor and then go back to paining the interior of Wolfish Perversion. It is a rainy day and I am on vacation so it will be a full day of painting I hope.


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