lördag 28 maj 2011

Public apperance

"The morning mist was starting to lift, the ground trembled under his feet, the wind was rushing past his armored hide. Unbearable Desire was running free. He was scouting ahead of the main force, looking for an intercept point. As he cleared the woods a small gathering of houses appeared, a cross road. Slowly he walked up to the intersection , head swinging back and forth, sensors sweeping the area. No enemy forces around, but he could smell them on the wind, they where heading this way. This would make an excellent battle field. He chanted the coordinates back to command. To bad he was not allowed to stay and rip into the loyalist scums, but there were other things to take care of. He started to run again, picking up speed...  he was running free, sensors seeping ahead looking for the next objective."

So today Unbearable Desire made his first public appearance. There was a apocalypse game on at one of the local stores and I thought that I would bring him along. I did not have time to stay for the whole battle so Unbearable Desire had to sit this one out, just scouting a head before the main battle begun. I think he was appreciated, at least there was no direct bad comments about his appearance, apart for him skipping out on the battle. We will see if he can find another engagement to participate in at some future date (I will have to read up on the rules a bit before that).

Apart form bring Unbearable Desire out for a walk I have worked on the Reaver. Another panel has been painted. I have also pinned the back parts and shoulders. I am doing revers pinning as I first glue the parts in to place, then I drill holes into the parts and fix them in place with metal rods. The rods themselves are quite thin and I have no illusion's that they will hold any great loads but they will stand up for the moderate loads of the weapons and reinforce the glue, I am more worried about the resin in this case. I have noticed that Unbearable desire is starting to lose its pose due to resin warpage. The feet are no longer flat on the surface so I will have to keep track of this development so that he does not take a nosedive of his shelf. I am currently working on the insides of the Reaver and I hope to come back with some more picture once I get them painted in a day or two.

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