söndag 1 maj 2011

Warhound progress

I am making progress. =) Unbearable Desire is starting to take shape. One can now see what it will look like when it is done. There are still a lot of details that needs to be fixed but the general paint scheme is there. I have also painted some of the green stuff mods that I made to the armor and body work. I am quite happy with the over all result. Sadly I do not have a camera to give a really fair representation of what the model looks like in real life. It comes across quite dark, but on a well lit table it really looks god if I may say so.

I have not done so much to the other models, I use the ´knight as a test bed for some techniques that I am trying out before applying them to the titans, mostly how to paint flaked motifs without them looking painted flaked. I am pleased with the blue with striping flaking that I do with masking tape. However this technique is not suitable to smaller motifs as I cant make the tape peaces small enough. So I have started to use paper cut outs as templates for the shape, then I use a brush and sort of dot on the paint so that it follows the out lines of the template but I can choose to leave some areas sparsely painted or not at all and still retain the appearance of the motif. I updated the kneepad of the Reaver to include the legion insignia which will be a black diamond with a white spade in the middle. I tried some fancier designs but they all look "unrealistic" and as I try to keep the paint scheme as real as possible I came up with this. I am not sure if I have seen it on some real military unit but its probably been used by some. My legion is however not connected to any real military unit and any likeness to such insignia is coincidental. =) I just like to have a simple insignia.

I am also thinking about using the paper cut out method to make base areas when free handing some more complicated designs.  I will then print an image that i like in multiple copies, then using a scalpel cut out the different colored areas, make some reference marks on them all for alignment. In this way I think it will be easier to transfer the image to the model and still keep the relative size of the fields even on curved or uneven surfaces. Well I have not tested this so I don´t know if it will work.

When painting on the model I have also thought a bit about how engine wars would be fought. In the fiction titans are portrayed as walking machines of mass destruction that will be on their own or in groups making war where ever they can find targets and that they only return to base to reload once in a while, but in general staying out for days or weeks. Well this all sounds fine in books, but when you look at the model you might start to think that things might be somewhat different. Sure, the magazines of the weapons are huge, but so are the barrels and hence the ammunition. Which would mean that a titan probably would empty the ammunition store with in minutes in a fire fight. This would mean that the titans would be running back and forth between the front-line and the reloading stations with some regularity. This would also make bringing a CCW more or less mandatory to fend of other titans once the bullets run out. One might also wounder how you reload titan weapons in the field. The weapons are after all siting a fair distance from the ground and as I sad before, the magazines are huge. Well I am sure they have solutions to this in the 41st milenium but there are no models for it as far as I know. It would be interesting with some titan support vehicles.

Well that was just a though. Now I will return to the titans and paint some more. I will post on the progress of the details and try to make more frequent posts.

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  1. This looks fantastic. I keep coming back, and with every new post I am more impressed. I've never seen a recently turned titan before. Clearly this is the way they should be painted.


  2. Glad you like it. I have not seen any other titans like this either, but I thought it would be nice since they are still recognizable in their form. It also gave me the opportunity to play around with green stuff. It is sad that forgeworld does not make and sell conversion kits for the titans. It would be nice with chaos icons to put on imperials as they are turning and broken imperial signs to put on chaos titans as a reminder of their origin. I know that some people think that the choas titans are not enough chaos, that could also be solved with ad on kits. This would be nice for those who are not skilled enough in green stuff sculpting to be willing to modify their titans on their own.