torsdag 5 maj 2011

Painting goes on

Painting goes on. Now I have finished to groin plate of Unbearable Desire. It turned out ok. The green stuff mods are quite simple but still makes it look a little more detailed. The green, bronze, grey and red of the armor plates give a nice contrast to the green legs. I was a bit worried that the armor plates would not pop and just melt into the background. It appears that this is not really the case. I have also painted the bronze borders of the rear reactor coverings and painted the void shield projectors. These are details and will not big breakthroughs but that is all I have to report right now. Taking pictures with my compact at night with sharp painting lights does not convey the colors in a good way. I am planing to have a real photo shoot with it later when it is more finished and post more pictures then. As for now you will have to make do with these.

1 kommentar:

  1. This is really well done and I am following your progress here. I am about to start assembly of my Chaos Warhound Titan and you have given me some great ideas and inspiration looking at your progress!

    I'll keep following!