onsdag 8 juni 2011

Reaver insides

There is much to do and not enough time to do it. I find myself constantly apologizing for not being able to do as much work on the titans as I would like to. There is however something called the real world out there and I do have other commitments, which will infringe on my time with the titans. So with this being said I will report on my progress. After the last post where I brought Unbearable Desire out for an outing I noticed that the legs had started to warp under the weight of the titan body. When I assembled the legs, feet and hips the feet and all the toes where firmly on the ground (after some fiddling that almost made my panic). Now however the back leg only touch the ground with a small part on the front of the middle toe. It does not feel unbalanced and it is standing steady but I am worrying  that the warpage will continue until it can not stand any longer and falls over. I am not quite sure what to do about it at the moment. I do not feel confident in warming up the resin and bending it back into position without seriously damaging the paint job. I could mount it on a base and "make sure" that the feet are firmly on the ground, but this is a last option as I see it as this would make it to clumsy in my opinion. Well I will have to think about it some more on it, or someone out there has a good suggestion on what to do. Until I have a good solution I think I will keep it dismantled as not to place to much strain on the legs.
Well that is that. I have also been working along on the Reaver, I have already posted some pictures of the interior panels, now I have pained the front end and the hallway. For some reason my camera does not like to photograph yellow, highlighted with white in a nice way. The black and yellow areas are not as bad as they look. I will however go back to these areas and see if I can improve on it, either with better painting or photography. My next task will be to paint the back area of the interior. This piece was assembled from three parts that fit nicely together well dry fitted, however as mentioned in a previous post the parts could not be assembled in this way and still fit on the hallway, so after gluing the pieces together on the hall way I was left with some rather large gaps which I needed to fill with green stuff. Now It is primed and ready for paint. Once the interior is finished, or at least base painted I will start on Wolfish Perversion, I have not give that much attention to this titan yet as I got caught up in finishing Unbearable Desire. Now however I need to get going on the legs and then on to the interior. I also plan to make some more green stuff modeling on Juluns Wrath as well as on Wolfish Perversion so I will try to keep from painting the armored out side just yet. I will try to post some more things from the ancient 90s, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Imperial Guard or something else that I can find. I also plan to make something on my possessed marines, of which some has made an appearance in the other blog posts. Well I will see, if I can do some painting on the titans I will post this, if I cant make something new I will post something old instead. =) Until later then...

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