måndag 13 juni 2011

Witch hunter inquisitor retinue - first henchman ready!

Hi all! I haven't painted for some time now, so Marcus's projects have filled the blog lately... But tonight I found a sudden spark - most likely due to the news of the new SoB coming out in just a few months! So I decided to finish my first inquisitor's henchman, which I've put together from pieces of three other models.

Now I must say I am slightly disappointed. I love the actual model, and I'm happy with the way I put it together. But after looking too much at other people's marvellous work I can't help but feel that my painting is... well... a bit crappy. But hey, I am what I am and at this point I couldn't have done better, so I guess I should be pleased anyways. And I did enjoy painting it!

So here it is, ready to be judged by cyberspace. Can anyone tell which three models I took the pieces from?

5 kommentarer:

  1. Don't put your painting skills down, great work man.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I guess I'm not THAT bad... I've just been looking too much at the work of the true masters... ;)

  3. The tiny writing is amazing. How did you get is so small and still crisp looking?

  4. Yhmm... *embarassed*...
    It's sortof fake. It's from the transfer sheet that came with my SoB models... My hands are generally quite trembling (it's a genetic thing) so I could never ever keep the hand steady enough for such detailed painting, unfortunately. It is horribly irritating, I want to be able to paint so much better and I know that if my hands could just stop trembling it would instantly look 100% better, but since I've been like this since childhood I suspect it is not going away. I just have to be happy of what I CAN do!

  5. In a way it's actually quite funny, how I work when painting details... The hand that holds the model trembles. The hand that holds the paintbrush ALSO trembles. So I gotta have good timing, and slowly touch the model with the brush... lines are just out of the questions, I gotta do small spots/blobs. So one small blob, then move the hand away before the trembling ruins it. Then another small blob, and another... Holding the brush too long against the model always leads to rogue lines across everything, as the hand suddenly jumps and the brush just runs off where I don't want it to be. Hmpf... it sure ain't easy!