onsdag 29 juni 2011

General updates

So I would like to repport on some general updates. It seems to me that I don't have as much time now to paint as I had during winter and spring, which is not so surprising realy, there are a number of other things that has priority at the moment. But I do manage to squeeze some time in for painting. I have painted and assembled the legs for the next war hound titan, Wolfish Perversion. This was a bit of a nostalgic moment as I was reminded of my first encounters with the titans about 10 months ago. It is a bit saddening to realize that I am starting to finish the titans, even if there is still much to do. I have also started with the interior. At the moment it has been painted green, inked brown, drybrushed three shades of green and inked brown again.

To prolong the titan task I have some smaller projects running parallel to the titans. Last week I did finish the first Knight prototype and this week I finished a space marine tank that has been sitting around half painted. As I currently have no other project running I got the idea to start something new. I have already started my scitarii battle constructs, and I will make some more of these and see if I can make something more of them. But I also need something more directly mechanicum so I decided to go for a battle adept controlling a group of robots. As there are currently no robot models for 40k I had to come up with a way to represent them. The Battle adepts are represented by the techprist enginseers from the imperial guard line, these are accompanied by a henchman from the ironbrother line from Micro Art studios.

The later addition was not planed, but as I searched the local hobby stores for the techpriests I found these and I have seen a lot of people using these models to represent mechanicum forces. As I have mentioned before in my blogs I do not intend my mechanicum to be an imperial guard army painted red, even if the models are slightly different so I will limit my self to using these kind of troops as commanding characters. It will be an army of robots, mechanized warriors, titans, knights and tanks. All the big funny stuff that one could not afford to build an army from before. Well enough about that. At the moment the robot is just roughly blue taced and it need some more tinkering and green stuff, but I think it will be ok. It is based on the tau crisis battle suit. As with the necron scitari, it is all about distracting the eye, remove the things that make it distincly tau/ necron/ what ever, and add your own mark, then you can ( hopefully) use other models to represent your special type of unit without it being distinctly tan/ necron... You just have to be careful to find a theme that is coherent for your army, this makes it much easier to pull this of. So to make my battle suit less tau and more mechanicum I removed the head, which is definently tau, the jump pack had to go, and where repositioned on to to make it more bulky.

The legs are mounded upside down to provide armor over the lower parts of the legs, which is a thing that is common for imperial stuff, the titans has it, dreadnoughts has it, the knight has it and so on. This helps tie it together. The tau feet also had to be replaced. I have not decided on the weapons yet but they will most likely be mounted under the arms or extending from them or directly from the shoulders. Mounting them on the out side would be to much tau. Well I will return on this topic once I have done some more tinkering with it.

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