söndag 16 oktober 2016

WIP: Varangian insides

This week there really was not much time for doing any hobby stuff. But I managed to get some time in with the Varangian to finish the internal build. So there you have it, All the pieces are built, now they should be green stuffed and have a lot of detail added. This also means that I can move forward with the actual build of the Varangian as I do not need to fit stuff inside and hence, the torso can start to bulk out. There is only one thing that I have not decided on. As the roof is not glued down there is no connection between the shoulders apart form the walls. I think the walls will be enough once all the shoulder parts are glued in, they make up quite a solid network of resin. I had prepared to add a cross member going from one side to the other with a threaded rod that could be removed. This will however pierce the mechanicum panel at the top, so I am a but out on if I should add it or not. I could always add some "hocks" to the side of the roof that goes down over the sides to keep them from bulging outward. I will let it sit or the week as I will not have time to work on it and decide how to proceed next weekend.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like the two defunct servitors. Nice touch.

  2. There are actually four of them, and they run the big guns.