söndag 2 oktober 2016

Fallen / Pre heresy Dark Angels and Varangian insides

After finishing the War Dancer I cleaned the palette by painting a Pre heresy / fallen Dark Angel. I find this paint scheme quite easy and relaxing and I can do a model in about two to three hours Sadly the camera does not do them justice as it has a hard time with the colors with the lighting that I use. The black comes out to shiny compared to IRL, and it pics up some of the pigments better than others, making the transitions look rougher than what they are.

I have also worked a little bit on the Varangian, filling in the last blocks of the inside and cutting them down to fit with the lid on. So now I can have everything in place on the inside and still close the lid. That means I can start with the detailing, finishing this part of the build, not that I will be done in a hurry, but it was one of the big questions marks on this build. The rest of the modifications will be pretty basic with GS sculpting and some minor re-shuffling of some pieces. 

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  1. That is phenomenal - I love what you're doing on the inside of the warlord. Awesome work!