onsdag 12 oktober 2016

3D follow up

I have now painted my first 3D printed test interior for the imperial knights (very sloppy 30 min paint job as it will not be used). One thing that is directly obvious with the print is that the layers are clearly visible on any "smooth" surfaces, especially when dry brushing. Thing are a little better if there are lots of details etc. This is a raw print, i.e. I have not done any post processing to smooth it out or to enhance the detail quality. From a distance it looks ok, and I think that with some filing and green stuffing this could be a great method to at least get a skeleton in for custom work, which would help a lot with symmetry, scale etc.
Next up is to change the nozzle of the printer to a smaller bore and see if this helps with the detail level. I will probably only print parts of it again for comparison. Other things I could mess around with are a tone of settings for the printer and also the calibration of distance from the base to the nozzle. In the end it might also be that the high impact polystyreen is not an ideal plastic for printing and that a "smoother" plastic would give better results. This is also something I might try if I have the time.

I will also play around a bit with the design, keep the parts that came out ok and redesign the parts where the printer could not get the details right. I will also try to make it more of a one piece to help keep things in the right place. For final design though, one I know that everything fits nicely I might break it up again for ease of painting.

I will also try out some hybrid schemes with details like borders, insignia, bolts and such printed and then glued to plasticard, Similar to what I did for the shield of the close combat knight but more consistently (on the shield I only used printed nuts)

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