måndag 10 oktober 2016

WIP, 3D print

So, after finishing the design of the Knight interior I spent the evening having the printer push it all out. Sadly it does not really fit into the Knight, so some measurements needs to be adjusted. There are other things to That I will change for the next run. One thing I noticed on the printer though is that the calibration of the nozzle is really important as it tends to smear the layer below if not done correctly. I might also try a smaller size nozzle and see if that improves the detail level. All in all it was a fun experiment and show that it is possible to print decent structures for modeling. In the end I think a combination between plasticard, green stuff and 3D printing might be the way to go, where each medium has it own strengths.

3 kommentarer:

  1. It looks OK painted up. This one is for the knight, yes ?

  2. Well, this one will just be a test piece to see what can be done, as the measures were a bit of, but yes it is a 3D printed version for the Knight internal parts. I will have to correct some of the measures in the model as well as do some design changes, not to loose some of the details etc. Just now I only had time to add the base coat, I will finish it with a full paint job to see how much of the details that can bee seen.