söndag 8 september 2013

Update on Opus Magna and Warbird

 This will be just a short update on what is going on. Last week I put the Opus Magna bottom board together but the rib frame was not even which resulted in the top of the board being bent, which of course has the result that anything built on top of if will also be leaning. As the bottom board will be the base fore everything else this could not stand. So I had to pull it all apart, and even if it was not a solid glue, it was some hard work to get it apart. Well, that means one step forward and one back, so the Opus is mostly where it was last week. I have started to add the side coverings and done some initial grinding to get is even and smooth. One thing I learned from the Warbird/dropship build is that you can not get a nice sooth structure from scratch. It is actually quite like painting, you have t
o lay down a base, which will look bland and sometimes not to even, then you start to add layers, to give it texture and cover imperfections in the base. So once I get most of the rough parts on to the base I will put some green stuff in to cover the gaps, sand it down and then start adding details to break up the large surfaces and cover any gaps or uneven parts in the base structure.

Talking about adding detail layer to the base, that is where I am with the Dropship, it is actually where I was at the beginning of summer, and where I got sloppy. It is ok to be sloppy while building the base as this will mostly be covered, but you cant keep on like that once you get into detailing. That's the reason for me building the Lord of skulls as a break from the dropship. Well now I am back working on the it. I have added some texture to the back plate, added the air intakes, shored up the engine cowling and added the doors to the landing gear. I am also working on the inside. The CIC is mostly done, I just need to add some texture to the VTOL manifold and it will be done. It is my first try to build an interior of a model and it is not quite straight and symmetric but it will have to do. On the Opus Magna I will have to be more careful about this aspect.

Apart from building I am also squeezing in some paint time, mostly on my master carfted power amor unit which is almost done. For now I give you a WIP shot of the comander but as soon as his is done I will put up a post with the full squad.

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