fredag 13 september 2013

Opus Magna 4

This week the parts I ordered for the Opus Magna arrived. I did not have time to do anything with them until tonight but now I got started. I have put the track units from the bane blades together and also started with the deck as I will need it to get all the supports at the bottom into the right place. I also cut out the centre parts of the sky shield landing platforms as I will use these as lifts for air crafts from the hangar deck. The elevators will be grounded at the bottom floor and I need to get the floor plan done so it all comes together once I get to the top. I am starting to appreciate the size of this thing. The track units look quite small compared to the rest. But I think that in the end it will look rightly proportioned. I am trying to keep track of the number of parts, GW parts, that I use for this build and I am currently at 42. I will keep working on the build during the weekend and hopefully I will be back at the end and show you what has been done.

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