söndag 11 september 2011

Titan progress

So, since last week I have painted the chin guards of Wolfish Perversion. I have also made some green stuff work to finish of some more armor plates for painting. These will be featured in later in another post. Since I was quite happy with the knee guard of Jolun´s Wrath where the demon face breaks through the loyalist patterns originally on the knee I thought I would try some thing similar with the demon face on the warhound leg armor. On Unbearable desire I just painted it in metal to match the boarders and the contrast with the imperial eagle underneath, so to make them a bit different on this Titan I thought I would make it breaking through the original leg markings. I decided to paint the whole armor piece in the blue white striped pattern in contrast to the half pattern on Unbearable Desire. This would mark the difference between the leader and the wing man in the pair and I think I will do the same with the back carapace later on.

Well, ideas some times sound better than what they are as they can be a bit hard to realize. This was the case this time. I am not sure it turned out as I wanted it but from some distance it is ok.

The other leg plate has the chaos star with a broken imperial aquila. This was a more straight forward paint job and it turned out looking good. The broken imperial insignia really give the titans some character and as long  as they are not to intrusive I think they add to the look.

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