lördag 17 september 2011

Joluns wrath

 This week I have been working on Joluns wrath. I had promised my self that I could start painting the head of the Reaver once I got the last war-hound insides painted. So I sat out to paint it in a base green with the green struff modes painted as a broken bone mask covering the skull. I this is one of the pieces I have made the most extensive modifications to so I realy hope that is will trun out fine, otherwise I am in a bit of trouble as the Reaver will be the center piece of the army and the had is the focal point of the model.
So I started out with a green base. This was pained in the same way as the green canopy of the titan armor, green covered with brown ink, drybruched three shades of green and then inked again and drybruched again. This give me a feel for the 3D structure of the surface on the parts that will be painted later.
I have discovered that it is easier to get the shading right if I use a slightly watered down paint, covering the under lying drybrushed parts. In this way the drybrushed shades will shine through the new color. This helps later when I start painting on the highlights. In the pictures to the left you can see the process. The first picture show the green base color, In the second picture I have painted the bone in a light brown tone, washed it in dewlan mud and then highlighted it with the same brown color. In the following pictures I add lighter and lighter tones going towards bleached bone and with. I always paint these things with watered town colors, letting the underlying colors shine through and slowly building up the highlights.In the last skull picture I have reached the last highlight. I am stopping here at the moment,
I am thinking about washing it again in dewlan again and then highlighting it again. But I will leave it for the moment and maybe I will do it later on. Well I think it turned out quite well. It is obvious that it is a sculpt and not the original but it is not to intrusive for the model.
Apart from the skull I have also managed to paint the rear crotch plate. I will have to attach the cables going from this part to the legs. This I do not look forward to as it involves reshaping the resin and I have not figured out a god way of doing this. The position of the legs also makes it a bit hard go get them into place. I will forgo the cables to the weapons as I will have them exchangeable but these cables actually looks good so I will have to mount them. And as if this was not enough I also managed to paint the last two leg armor parts with wings. They turned out really nice. So now it is only the front crouch plate left on the legs and then they are base painted.
To keep up with the progress on the head I have also started to paint the main upper body. This is mostly large green surfaces and does not demand so much fine detail painting and should go quite quickly. I can feel the titans progressing and I can actually see the end of this project within the next couple of months. It is a strange feeling to not have a lot of titans pieces lying around and in stead have three large, mostly painted models standing around. Well there is still much to do on them but I am starting to get a feel for what they will look like.

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