måndag 5 september 2011

Reaver leg plates

So I have finally gotten around to painting the armor plates of the remaining titans. The reason for not painting them sooner is because of the green stuff work I did on them. In principle they have been done for quite some time but after making the first patterns I was not sure if I would like to add some more later on. It is after all quite an expensive model and it is not like I will by another one just because I came up with some nice stuff to add. So they have been around for a while, waiting for me to come up with some thing. However nothing has come up so I figure that I am satisfied with them as they are. It is also a question of less is more and keeping it nice and simple. I am after all, not a professional sculptor. So on with the painting. I decided to use the striped pattern used on Wolfish Perversion also on the left armor plates of the Reavers legs. I used the same technique as I did on the warhound carapace and leg armor. I am quite happy with the appearance of the striped pattern pealing of.  I use a technique where I use masking tape to protect the under lying paint as I paint the patterns. This gives actually give a authentic edge between the layers of paint. Well, they are not completely done but they are looking good. I have also gotten all the Titan bodies assembled so that I can put them on top of the legs, so in less than a year I have the three titans up and standing and at least one of them is more or less painted while the other two have the legs painted but not the upper bodies. I though that it would take me longer to get this far. Now can actually see the end of this project. Now it is just to finish of the last green stuff work and get the rest painted.

On another point. I have thought about all the other Titans sold by forge world. Wouldn't it be nice to have an index with the name and number of the all Titans together with an image. I have found some titans in other WIPs where the number is known but there are very few that can be identified. Well, that is just a thought. 

So until next time. =)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thats a LOT of work you've got to do there mate! Good luck!

  2. Fantastic work!

    I always love to see updates on your Titans armour!

  3. Yes it is a lot of work on these Titans, but that is what makes it fun. If it had just been assembly and a quick paint job, it would not have been worth the money. As it is now it is a journey where the Titans slowly grow. And it is nice that others also can enjoy the progress. So thanks to all of you that follow the development and occasionally give me a word of encouragement. =)