söndag 15 januari 2017

Varangian inside WIP

Not much hobbying since I finished Magnus. I have mostly been playing around wit green stuff on the internal panels of Varangian. It is work in progress and not the final detailing, but I just thought I would show what I am working on. I am adding some "chaos growths", both the standard version of ridged brass, that I have done for the knights, but I am also trying my hand on the more organic stuff seen on the inside of the warhound. I still have not really gotten it down right. I will add some more layers and see if it looks ok, otherwise I will have to strip it and restart.I have also made some progress on the base for the titan and I think it is turning out fine. I did however have a major failure with my squashed chimera, but more about that later.

2 kommentarer:

  1. It's looking good, despite your problems. Maybe little horns on the mechanicum symbols ? :)

    Looking forward to the squashed chimera..

  2. Thanks. There is actually already a small horn on one of the skulls. As for the chimera I will have to get it right, then I will tell what went wrong.