söndag 29 januari 2017


Hi there. Today I thought I would talk a little about support. And that is the support from family for the hobby. Not everyone is blessed with an understanding significant other, and it might be hard to explain why we spend so much money and time on painting, and perhaps playing, with these small, and not so small figures. During the holidays my parents visited us and for some reason my figures, and their prominent placement in the house came up as a topic. They have always know about my painting hobby. Since I was a small kid I have always built models (mostly planes, ships and cars) and from my mid teens, 40k models. It has been a way to relax and clear my mind when things were tough and other things were pressing on my mind. Anyway, during the conversation the question was raised whether or not it was time to put a way the models (or sell them). Then I came to think about how much the support from my wife for the hobby means to me. She is proud of the things I do, and loves to have them on display in our house, as any other piece of art. In fact, she has been supporting my hobby ever since the first time we met may years ago, even before she knew anything about the emperor, space marines or the imperium. As one of the first presents she bought me for my birthday was a box of Tzeentch space marines. She had walked into the local hobby store and picked out some models that she thought looked cool, not knowing whether they fit any of the armies I was painting, she just knew I enjoyed painting and hence she wanted to give me something to paint. During the years there have been many more models (and 40k books) as presents for birthdays and Christmas. And even if I have loads of other models, the ones I have gotten from her always stand out for me, as they represent her support for what I love to do.

So I pulled out all the models I received and took some pictures of them. They have all (or nearly) already been shown on this blog so I am afraid there is nothing really new here, but they are special to me.

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  1. fantastic post !

    There's now another reason all my stuff lives in the garage. These days it's to hide from destruction at the hands of my daughters. Previously, it was because it wasn't allowed in the house....

    Oh well....

  2. Mate that's lovely and what a good post!

    My girlfriend really gets it too, she's always mad at me when I sell a project and move on to the next one as she wants me to keep everything I put the time into.

    I haven't received the support up until now and the difference is amazing.

    You're an artist too dude, your work is awesome!

  3. Thanks. I might eventually also have to hide them to avoid destruction at the stamping of small feet. But until then they will stay were they are.