måndag 9 januari 2017

Magnus The Red

Finished Magnus up this evening. Some minor touch ups left but essentially he is done, and I am pleased with the result. For the armor and tabard I tried something a bit different. I am not sure were I got it from but to my mind Zeentch is the multicolored ever changing god, and to represent this I wanted the colors in the armor and cloth the be white but with a rainbow shimmer, like pearl. This all sounds fine in theory, but how to get the effect using normal colors? This is something I have not done before but I am happy with the result. I started out with a base color, white metal, then I applied very thin watered down inks (these are the original inks from when I started painting) of purple, blue, green and  yellow in diagonal stripes across the different pieces. I did the same for the cloth but dry brushed on edge highlight colors instead. After this was applied I dry brushed layers of metal over them (not the cloth, here I used blue edge and white). In the first attempt I went a bit to far with the metal so even though you could see the color tones the were to subtle so I went back and re-enforced the colors a bit to  make them pop some more. Once I was satisfied with the base metal I applied the detailing and gold borders following my basic recipe. All the armor pieces were painted separately from the model so when I attached them I took a series of "dressing Magnus" pictures to show what the model could have looked like if only parts of the armor was attached.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey man, I love the pearl effect you have created with the inks on the armour and the cloth. A really incredible effect considering you did it with normal colours too.


  2. Thanks, I am really pleased with how it turned out, and it was fun to play with some more vibrant colors than my usual palette.