söndag 3 januari 2016

WIP: Belt-feeds update

Since the last post I have tried to bulk out the belt-feeds abit. I did this by adding three layers of 0.5 mm thick by 4 mm wide strips of plasticard to the inner edges of the guide totalling a 1.5 mm thickness. This left a trench in the middle of the belt with the same depth as the diameter of the shells fired by the gun. I filled the trench with green stuff and sculpted some cartridges into it. After that I added another strip of plasticard to give the impression of the cartridges being inside the belt. I will at some 5 mm x 5 mm plates to the strips, matching he outer segmented stuff. But first I need to finish the second belt in the same style. I am not looking forward to the plates as there will twice as many of these as there where segments and they all need to have rounded edges.

To make sure the belts work together I attached the back ends to an old brush and the front ends to each other imitating the belts going from the ammo boxes to either side of the gun. Hopefully they will clear the legs of the knight and not put to much strain on the gun and the ammo boxes.

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