söndag 24 januari 2016

Dark Angels; Pre-heresy, Legion, Fallen etc...

Well, I have not done much with the knights lately as work and other things has taken much of my time. Instead I went back to some of my fallen/pre-heresy Dark angels and had a look at the colour scheme. I have already painted most of the Dark Vengeance box as pre-heresy or fallen dark angels, they are however snap fits and the wrong armour but I have also started to paint some knights with sword and shield and now that I have the betrayal at Calth box with mark IV armour I thought that I might actually do some real legion/30k variants. I test painted one tactical marine ha few week ago and added some black and white checkers, red stripes etc to give them something that set them apart from any other black armoured legion. However, as time passed I thought that it more and more started to look like a Goff space marine with the checkers and so. As I am quite pleased with the Dark Angels knights I thought I would change the tactical marine to fit the scheme, which included some bone white fields with red detail. I also went back to one of the assault marines and added the same touches of bone white and red to tie them into a common and distinct theme. I think it works and it also ties in to the medieval knights theme of the legion.

I also managed to paint the last of the cultists from the Dark vengeance box so now I only have the characters left from that box, so I can start on the Calth box.

That is all for now, I will probably have a short break on the trio of Knights to gather some momentum to finish the belt feeds, which I by the way managed to bend into a somewhat better shape, allowing the torso the motion I needed for the pose. I will get back on this as soon as I have finished of the last details on these.

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