fredag 29 januari 2016

Pre heresy Dark Angel base swap

Recently me and the mrs played our first wh40k battle in many years, pitching my pre-heresy Dark Angels against her sisters (with some post heresy DA stand ins). One thing I suffered in this battle was the curse of wobbly bases. My assault squad with jump-packs kept falling over all the time as the resin jump-packs make them top heavy and un-centred. As the betrayal at calth, and I suppose all new marines are on 32mm bases I decided to change the bases and also take the opportunity to try out some more shoulder patterns. removing the old bases without damaging the models turned out to be a pain as I used polystyrene cement when i glued them in in the first place. Well some careful cutting with a scalpel solved that. I am not sure if I should make the same patterns on all shoulders within a squad or if I should give each marine his own heraldry. I think the individuality might be hard to keep up over some 50+ figures but it makes it more interesting to paint, and it also goes more with their back-story of the knightly orders.

Well we will see...    next up is some more mechanicum things. I am almost done with my second castelax so I hope to have some pics of it soon.

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  1. I glue steel washers into the void under the base, this stops them over balancing.

    Someone (Secret Weapon) does base expanders; each is two "C" shapes and you just fit them around your existing 25mm bases.