söndag 11 januari 2015

Hell Lord WIP; wings or no wings

Painting and assembly of the Hell Lord moves forward. I have now finished the shield arm and the axe. I have also painted up the wings that attaches to the back. However, I am not sure if the wings really fit with the model. I thing it has a more brutish look without them. On the other hand, with them it has a greater, more regal, presence as it is both higher and wider wide the wings radiating out behind the shoulders. If I where to leave the wings of and use them for something else I would have to fix the sockets where they attach. I am not sure what to do, what do you think, with or without wings? I will continue with the head and finish that of before deciding if I should keep the wings or not.

1 kommentar:

  1. I agree with your regal/brutal comment; could you not magentise the wings ? Admittedly you will have to manufacture a filler for the brutal, no wings version, but then you get to field and/or display either version...