söndag 25 januari 2015

Dark Angel Hellbrute

Just finished the Dark Angel Hellbute. I am not to happy with this model, I should have chosen another paint scheme or not used the Juggernaut head...  As it is it looks out of place. To be onest I am not a big fan of the Hellbute models in general so I suppose it is as good as it gets.

I also painted a Scitarii sniper, based on the necron models (to be honest it is a green necron). As there are rumours that there might actually be some GW scitarii soon I tought I would get the ones I have left painted so that I can restart on the real models. But it might be that the botch it and I don't like them, then I still have my necron scitariis. If they are similar to the FW mechanicum models I will be happy, if they are some guards with bionic bits I will not... so we will see. I think that they really should have made to necron range as mechanicum form the beginning instead of introducing a new race with some forced background stuff. If they wanted robots in space they already had that faction in the lore...

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