söndag 28 september 2014


Once again I find myself making excuses for not blogging as often as I would like, but real life has a tendency to pile up on you If you don't deal with it. But all is not lost, away form home has really turned out to be a very good thing as I am getting through quite large ( for me at lest) quantities of models. In fact so much that most of the hobby time I have at home goes into building models for painting when I am away. This has also led to an ultimatum/strong suggestion from my wife that I paint less rank and file and more large models as we are quite literary running out of display area. The problem with that is I can keep from converting the large models to such an extent that I have problems finishing them, which leads to me painting more rank and file any way. So my time lately has been split between working, painting, building and securing the house for winter. The first and the last has sadly taken much more time than I would like but I have more or less finished a Myrmidon walker that has been hanging around my to do shelf for a couple of years. It was originally intended to be a twin to the one I painted awhile ago but Opus needed some of the guns for air defence so I ended up replacing the arm weapons to some las-cannons instead. I also threw on some missile racks on the back making it look heavier than the fist one. I quite like this look and will probably do something similar to the last super heavy one.
The I have also been working on the Hell Lord, mostly with the weapons and arms. It will be equipped with a large double bladed chain axe and a combat shield. The axe is made from the original axe where I used the two halves on each side of the shaft. This means I have to make some custom facings on the other side as it is only the inside of the original blade. I have some ideas but it is not done yet. The shield is made from the doser blade and a custom lower extension. I will try to match the look on the extension to the original parts by adding a lower yaw to the khorne mark/skull. It need some GS attention but I think it will look good in the end.
As I am running out of Blood letter and Blood crushers to paint I decided to head my wife's suggestion and build some thing large to paint away from home. I have had an idea for quite some time about putting a Daemon Prince on a Mauler fiend with a hell drake head. This should in principle be an easy build and I am hopping to finish it over the next week end so that I can bring it with me to away from home after that. It did however turn out to need quite alot of GS work so we will see if I can make it.

Well that is what I have been up-to lately....

P.S we are once again out of quota on the internet so there are not that many picture this time.

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