lördag 4 oktober 2014

Catch of the week

The catch of the week is a Blood crusher and the final Blood letter. Even though it was one whole week away from home this time I did not have to much time for painting as work spilled over into late evenings for several nights. But I am now down to my last blood crusher so I need to get the daemon prince on the hell drake done so that I have something to work with. I have also finished the myrmidon walker and it is about to go to paint so I will hope fully have some pictures of that later. I have also finished the side blocks for the Opus, so I can start with detailing. I have been dragging my feet with this project lately as it involves two component filler, power tools and breathing masks. Hope fully I am past that stage now and can focus on one part at a time, adding layers of detail.

That is it for now.

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