fredag 5 september 2014

Home from away; assebled

 I am back home again and I brought all the parts for the blood letters and the juggernaut riders that I had painted. As I did not have any glue at the place away from home I had to assemble them at home instead. The quality is a bit uneven over the different models representing me getting used to the new work place and a new set of brushes and all the other little things that are used when painting. All in all I tuned out five blood letters and one juggernaut rider in seven evenings of painting witch is a much higher pace than I normally can mange. It is so high that my wife told me to get some larger models to paint instead of so many small models. She is worrying that we will run out of cabinet space, which is true. But I think that if that happens I have one or two shelves of very early models that I can put into storage to give way for new ones.
I am very pleased with how the marine on juggernaut turned out. It is to bad that it is only Lord hwo can have them. Also, the conversion is a bit to simple, new head and shoulders and a back pack stuck on to the back. I think that it would have been better with a real marine torso instead of the original one. But I did not want to put to much time into it since I was in a bit of a hurry when preparing the models.

For the next trip I will probably prepare some more skittari/necorn, if I keep this up I might actually catchup on all the infantry models I have that aren't painted yet. I might also get a round to finishing of the last myrmidon/defilers I have had sitting on my to do shelf for close to four years now.

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