lördag 17 maj 2014

Still here

Once again work and the house has kept me from painting and blogging. This time it is more than a month since my last update and I cant really say that I have much to show for it, if you do not count 70 square meter of garage plastered, sanded and painted, as well as a few extra walls. That and a trip to Japan. Well, I have managed to get some painting time in between all the other stuff. First of is the latest model which is a Blood letter on a juggernaut carrying an icon. This time I remembered to paint it in several sessions preventing the brush to get clogged up and destroying the paint job as happened last time I painted one of these. The next model is a winged assault marine for the Desert Eagles, I have not come up with a suitable name for them yet. I really like the model but I am not sure if it really fit in the Desert Eagles colours. Well it goes well with the other models with wings though. It might be the helmet that I am not to stoked about.

During my visit to Japan I also picked up some other models, non 40k related. The first is the VF-1s of Roy Fokker. As a kid I loved the Robotech (Macross amalgam) series. I spent many hours trying to build veritechs in LEGO. I have always wanted one that is actually transformable and as far as I understand this kit can be transformed between the three different modes. I also picked up another kit of some random battle tech that sat on the shelf, Nobunaga's the Fool. I have no real relationship with this more than it looked nice and I wanted some typical Japanese style mech. As it turned out this is the mech of the main character in a new Anime. So I might have to get hold of the series to get inspired.

These kits will be side projects and even if this blogg is about 40k I might report on the progress as I get around to painting them. The models actually do not require painting as all parts that have different colours are already cast in plastic of the appropriate shade. However, the models will look very flat if I just stick them together, so I will use what I have learned about painting 40k vehicles to these models to try to give them some more depth.

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