onsdag 28 maj 2014

Ravings of a diluted mind...

The last few days have not been easy. I got sent home from work on Monday with orders to rest and not show my self until next Monday. Obviously all the travelling I have been doing lately has taken its toll. This has meant that in principle I have more time for hobby, but I also have a garage with two storage rooms and a carpentry workshop to finish so time is some what divided. The fact that I am a bit stressed out also means that I can not focus as well as I would wish I could. However, my mind is racing with Ideas for possible builds and what I would like to do. So, since I have time and I am not really expecting any great progress I let my self run wild and started some new and old projects. I have painted a little bit on the Fool, I also managed to almost finish the last juggernaut. Apart form this I started a new project from pieces left over by the Hell Lord build. This will be a Bane blade sized vehicle with a massive back mounted artillery piece. There is no fluff for this but in general it will be a Khorne Duesenberg with a big gun rack built from the tracks of a Lord of skulls and some left over Bane blade parts. I also re-started work on an old model that has been hanging around the to do shelf for the last two or three years. It is a Desert Scorpion tank hunter. Originally it was meant for my Mechanicum army of walkers but the style of the model did not really get a long with the rest so it has been moved to the Desert Eagles as something they found in the stash of equipment they where guarding. It really improved with the addition of a tail and a more aggressive tilt to the super structure. well, hopefully I will be able to focus enough to finish some of these projects.

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