lördag 31 maj 2014

Opus and Scorpion update

  I managed to get a solid day of hobby in this week. Most of the day was spent with the Opus Magna. I have now attached the side plates to the deck modules as well as internal wall on the low deck and some doors. In principle this means that I can start filling all the gaps with GS and start sanding. I have also been working on the interlocking of the modules so that they will be self supporting and this might need some more work before committing to tuchups.

I have also started painting the Desert Scorpion. Sadly I forgot to score it with battle damage before starting to paint. This means that it will lock slightly smoother than the rest of the Desert Eagles. I tried to paint some damage and so in the 3D style, but it only looks flat, =(. I really can make that technique work. Well, it will be as it will be. I can at least chip the paint on corners and edges to make it blend in with the rest. The pics show the top body of the Scorpion pre damage and after.

It really is fun to paint some eagles things again. It is something with the paint scheme that makes it relaxing.

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