söndag 9 mars 2014

Fallen Knight

So, finally it arrived. My lovely wife got me a Knight for my birthday. It arrived a bit late, probably due to the availability issues at GW. So I will not be the first to publish a fully painted Knight, not that I ever thought I would. I like to enjoy my build and paint time and it would be a shame to speed paint one of these.
As I already have some chaos titans and some homebuilt Defiler Knights this Knight also had to belong the fallen. So I have to chaos it up so that it goes with the rest of my mechanicum army. I know that chaos cant use Knights but still, it will look good in the cabinet. So I did some chaos stars/circles on the main armour plates. I will let it cure and then go back and add more where needed.

After seeing John Stienin 's knight with interior I decided that I would also make an interior. However, my bit box is a bit thin on screens and controls at the moment as I use most of what I had for the drop ship. But I did have the extra Valkyrie crew so I decided that this would have to do for pilot. once I started with the cockpit I realised that I also would have to do the engine bay so that the whole interior looks nice when I remove the back carapace. I use two jump packs from maxmini to symbolise some cooling units for the reactor sitting further down. I will add some random bit to the cockpit and then sculpt some screens for the rest.

When working on the interior I notice that there are some very distinc structures on the inside of the side panels, that looks like the are for mounting things, but they are not use in the original build. This make me think that there has to be a "command" sprue fore these knight somewhere with an interior. Might be release later as some add on sprue. One can hope. Or they just scraped the idea with an interior. But the removable pilots hatch is kind of telling that they did plan for something inside.

 Well this is just a short update on what I have manage to do so far.

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