lördag 15 mars 2014

Fallen Imperial Knight; interior

I have finished the build of my Fallen Imperial Knight and I have stared painting. The first think to do was to paint the interior, the cockpit and the engine bay with turbines. I also painted the pilots hatch as it is sort of part of the interior. The idea is that I should be able to either display it with the hatch in closed position, open position or with the back carapace removed. I have also opened up the back ventilation grill above the turbines so you can see the engine bay form the out side. The sides of the body was painted in a hazard chevron so that worker know where the edge is and that there is some risk of body injure when putting the armour back on. I also made it quite worn with the paint shipping away on the edges as people step in and out of it during maintenance. I do like the idea of the back armour being removed for easy access during maintenance. I guess that also would apply to titans. Well now I will start working on the out side. I just have to decide how worn to make the base paint and how to paint the heraldry. The hose that the Knight belongs to has sworn it self to the Northern Ghosts Titan legion so the colours will be similar as my titans and my home built Defiler Knights.

 Hope you like.

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