söndag 6 maj 2018

Varangian, body box WIP

So, after finishing the head from Zed I decided that it was time to start with the body box. This is a huge piece and there is a lot of detail. There was no way of doing the whole box in one go so I had to break it down into manageable areas. Since I am dry-brushing it also meant I had to wash the whole box in-between areas and wait for it to dry, so very time consuming.  I also decided to break it up using the two shades of green that has been a comon theme through out the titan. In the end I managed to get it done to a pre-weathering stage in a surprisingly short time compared to what I expected. Now I need to go back to each area and add chipping, streaking, rust etc. But now I can see that I am really making progress. I need to finish up the armor panels so that I can start painting them.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Sweet, great progress, a nice step to have done.

  2. ha ha, it looks like there's a sorcerer standing on the shoulder in the firs picture. She looks great Agis !

    1. Every self respecting titan needs a sorcerer on its shoulder, right? :D