måndag 25 september 2017

Varangian WIP; leg

I finally managed to sit down for quite some time today and get some chipping, rust etc done on one of Varangian's legs. It is not done, I need to finish the metals, but then I can mount it to the base. I am however not sure about the chipping, it looks a bit messy in places, but there is so much to paint that it easy to speed up just to get it done and then it is not as crisp as it could be. All in all it is a learning process for me, and most of this will not be too visible in the end.
I like the contrast between the light and dark green, but the chipping and rust on the dark green is not as visible as on the light green. But this is certainly something I will carry over on to the rest of the model.

Once I finish this leg and the other leg I can glue the them together with the pelvis and cut all the pistons to length. Who knows, I might finish the legs to Christmas this year instead of last as I though then. I am seriously in over my head with this model.

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  1. '....in over your head (?!?!?)' Nah, you're doing a brilliant job !