tisdag 12 september 2017

Death guard etc...

I am still around. Since last I have been doing some random work on some of my projects but have not felt any hobby mojo. I have tried to paint some primaries marines, worked on Varangian and finally done a Death guard.

The primaries marines were painted as Ultra marines to go with Gulliman. For these I tried a variation of the technique that I used for Magnus. As it has become more popular to do shiny metallic paint jobs, especially for the Thousand sons, I though I would try to make them less like smurfs and more gritty. To do this I did a metallic drybrush in four stages of the minis bringing them up to white metal. Then washed them with watered down regular paints, and a light dry brush. This was then topped of with yet another layer of metallic drybrushing. This gives the blues a more blue gray look and bright highlights when subjected to strong lights. In normal lighting they still look like blue marines.

For Varangian I finished the base paint of the legs and pelvis. Now I will start with chipping, weathering etc. This model is so huge that I have to break it sown into sub areas as I can not do every thing in one go. I have also worked a bit on the GS motifs on the shoulders. Here I am really taking it slow so that I do not rush it. It will have to grow as I am getting accustomed to the design and gradually adding detail until it feels right. I do not want to have to remove it and restart!

Finally I painted a Death gurad. With the release of Mortarion coming up I decided that I once again would try get the colors right for the Death gurad. A few years back I test painted a few "normal" chaos marines as death guards but did not really like the colors as they were to much towards the green. I am more into the white of the pre-heresy scheme. So this time I did a bone white base with some green (northern ghost green) detailing. Metals and hoses were done as "pure" rust with a bit of metal showing. The tentacles and fleshy parts were done as pale flesh. Over all I thing it looks much better than my earlier attempts so I think Mortarion will get the same treatment, but perhaps with a bit more color shades.

And I do apologize for the quality of the pictures. I think my battery was low and hence the flares and streaking.

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  1. That all looks good, best colour for UM I've seen. And don't forget, any progress at all, no matter how small, is still progress ;)

  2. Thanks. I am also quite pleased with the ultra marine color, and I am curious about what Gulliman will look like in that.