tisdag 7 mars 2017

Moving the Hobby room.

We finally decided to move our hobby/computer room from downstairs to upstairs. Just about one year later than planned. Essentially we split it into a separate Hobby room and a computer room to get some more space. The old room was very cramped and everything was on top of everything. I still have the same desk but it is now in a corner which actually give me less space than what I had before. But I also get my old table, that I had before our move to the hose, back so all in all I gain hobby space. Now I just have to finish the new display shelf and the door to the room. This will however have to await some warmer weather.

I was also able to move Opus back indoors again and I will also bring all the parts for Varangian to the hobby room. I hope it will be easier to work on these large projects if I have everything in the same place. Otherwise there is always this threshold to overcome to work on them, when I have to go out to the garage.

I am looking forward to settling into this new space.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ha ha yes ! Summoning up the spirit to actually go into the garage and do something is the hardest part of the hobby.

    And is that huge thing on the low table sat on multiple baneblade tracks ?

  2. Yes, it is easier to stay indoors and paint a "normal" mini instead of getting into survival gear and go outside.

    And yes, Opus sits on four baneblade tracks.