söndag 5 juni 2016

Dune Crawler and Data smith

Finally got some hobby time and finished of the Dune Crawler, which I am very happy with. I also managed to try out a mechanicum character in the form of a Data smith for my robots. I am not so sure about the palette. I tried to have an okra colored armor and a deeper red robe. But it tends to be just red on red, not what I was going for. Well we will see what happens with the next one...  I am doing some sort of boss and then I will use a metal color armor and red robes. He will also get an escort of skitarii vanguards painted in the same scheme. But now I will try to get some build time in with the knights.

2 kommentarer:

  1. fantastic work ! Love it all, excellent colour choices well painted.

  2. Thanks, glad you like.